Teac VRDS T1 / Copland 288 - CMK-4 Mechanism (Broken Gear Repair)

The Teac VDRS CMK-4 mechanism is used in the following CD Players :-

Copland 288
Copland 277
WADIA 850 (Version a mech)
Krell KAV-300

My Copland CDP

My Copland 288 started to shred teeth on gear B. I needed these assembly drawings to work out that is was called gear B and what to order from CHS. Emailing absolute sounds proved to be useless as I expected from past experience regarding their support. Anyhow, not too difficult to replace both gear A and B once you know how to. The original gear had turned very yellow and soft. A common fault with some Teac mechanisms.

It is possible to replace gear A and B (krell call them gear 1 and 2 BTW) without taking the mechanism out in some players.

The laser needs to be partially removed and unmeshed to fit the new gears.



These gears are not cheap to buy, esp if you want to replace them all. You should be very conscious of this if you buy a 2nd hand CD player with any Teac mechanism like the 288. I like my Copland though, having previously had a 289 (which uses a different mech BTW), so when this 288 came up for sale I took a chance. I personally would not pay much for an older Teac CDP or any unit that uses this mechanism since when it fails the parts are almost impossible to find.

If you had a 3D printer it may be possible to manufacture a replacement assuming the original gear is intact enough to use as a template and measurements.


** Warning **

Parts like these are now pretty impossible to find just like the infamous Musical Fidelity TriVista SACD player Philips mechanism that fails turning it into a big door stop for the rest of its life. Be very cautious when buying any old CD player no matter the original cost since many can no longer be repaired.

** Assembly and Part identification drawings are attached for download below **


VRDS Copland 288 - CMK-4 Mechanism
VRDS Copland 288 - CMK-4 Mechanism
VRDS Copland 288 - CMK-4 Mechanism
VRDS Copland 288 - CMK-4 Mechanism