Teac VRDS Copland 288 Rubber Tray Repair

The Teac VRDS mechanism used in many high end players does not age well. The gears go soft and start to perish making the unit skip on playback or the tray fails to open and close. These gears are very hard to find now and expensive if you do manage to find some. Therefore unless you have a 3D printer and a good set of gears as a template then I would avoid paying too much for any Teac based cd player.


Removing The Tray Rubber

Another issue that arises is the rubber coating on the tray on some models starts to perish. At first it goes very soft and slightly sticky which results in it collecting and holding dust. If you rub the surface to try and remove the stuck dust the rubber will usually start the peel away. Unfortunately it does not come off clean but it is possible to remove the rubber coating completely.

The trick is to use isopropyl alcohol diluted with distilled water. This is the stuff you can mix yourself to clean LCD screens without smearing. You can buy the isopropyl alcohol and distilled water separately from ebay and mix them in a spay bottle. A 50/50 mix is typical.

Rather than strip the player down and remove the tray, which is time consuming on some units, you can support the tray with some books and use a cloth with the 50/50 isopropyl alcohol mix and rub the tray with gentle pressure to dissolve the rubber. This takes sometime. It took me about 1 hour to clean all the rubber off fully. Other solutions or mix rates with more isopropyl alcohol may work better but I did not want to risk damaging the plastic of the tray so I erred on the side of caution and just spent more time. Just use a small amount of the solution and one finger in the cloth to work a section of the rubber. You need to keep repeating this and use a clean part of the cloth once it turns black with the removed rubber.

If the rubber is perishing then it seems safer to remove it so it does not stick to the CD surface or worse come off inside and glue up the gears which then need cleaning. By not removing the tray there will still be a small amount of the rubber coating on the section of the tray just inside the player but this never gets exposed. This inner section of the tray rubber seems to wear less and does not collect dust the same as the main open exposed section. If yours is worse then it may be required to completely remove the tray and do a full clean process.



The rubber on the tray was intended to stop stray reflections of the cd player laser but it seems to have zero effect once removed. The sound and functionality of my copland is no different after it was removed so it would seem to be more of a marketing gimmick at the time. Better still it no longer collects dust and it still looks just like a regular cd tray.


Copland 288