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DASK - Insecta (Extended Version)

After the release of Electron Utopia at Syngate Records I was working on experimental tracks that did not fit into the theme of that album. Most of the tracks started life as progressive ambient with one darker drone based structure which again was an experiment using old recordings slowed down. Later two longer Berlin School inspired tracks took form which are very different from the traditional long drawn out typical 'space music' feel of Berlin School. They sit in the theme of the album title 'Inseca' in terms of feel, structure and pace with hits and transitions used on the Berlin School tracks hence trying to take a different approach. This became a whole to create a full album at 50 minutes long which I did a pre-release.

DASK - Inseca (Progressive Ambient Berlin School Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze)

DASK - Singles

Singles Vs Albums

The album is not quite dead but with streaming being very popular it seems the playlist is becoming king. Sadly this means any artist that makes an album as a journey might not get to see it played that way as key tracks are pulled and combined into spotify playlists. In fact how many mainstream albums are a collective journey and not just a bunch of songs some of which are hit singles.


DASK - Electron Transfer (Station Remix) (2017)

DASk - The Other Side (Berlin School Electronica Pop)

DASK - Electron Utopia [Syngate Records]

This album is an exclusive release on Syngate records in Mechernich Germany. The bonus track was added just before release which is also available separately on other sites. It is Berlin school electronica with a morphing atmospheric or cinematic ambient structure. The bonus track is a little more trance like. The theme of the album is the electron and if you have an electronics background the theme and titles should make sense.

01. Electron Utopia
02. Lorentz Force
03. Desert Synchrotron
04. Electron Transfer
05. Electron Transfer - Station Remix


Mastering and Glue

DASK - Electron Utopia (Berlin School Tangerine Dream Cinematic Atmospheric Ambient)

DASK - Abiogenesis (Atmospheric Berlin School)

I never consider myself to be a musician since my background is electronic engineering with a specialisation in sound and audio but having experimented with audio systems, synths, recording, sound creation and manipulation for several years I decided to stop throwing audio material away and complete an album. It was recorded over 6 months and mastered with minimal compression for high quality Hi-Fi or headphones in mind. A number of headphones were used in the mastering process including the original HD800 which are ultra transparent and cheap ear buds to check worst case listening via streaming.

DASK - Abiogenesis (Ambient Atmospheric Berlin School Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze Space Music Stranger Things)
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