Audio Hi-Fi Mains Filter DIY

This is a full mains filter build that can be made with or without the chokes if you wish. The first picture shows the unit I made in a simple ABS case. This filter is a complete DIY solution where you make the circuit yourself, either on a PCB, vero-board or tag strip.

The sonic benefits of any mains filter is subjective at the best of times. Some people swear by them and others dislike them. I have always preferred my system with some kind of filtering and cannot see the purpose of using high grade audio mains leads without a filter circuit before them. The filter isolates the audio grade mains lead from the yards of twin and earth grey cable under the plaster and the miles of cable to the local sub station on your phase.

Audio Hi-Fi Mains Filter

Lossless Audio Checker for Linux and Windows

auCDtect is a useful too used to check the the validity of lossless files. The regular tar packaged version does not work without tweaking by installing old compat libs which are not always available on some Linux systems.

Here are static compiled binaries for both Linux and Windows based systems. On Linux Copy it to /usr/bin and it should run fine. So far it has run on all versions of ubuntu from 10.xx upwards. auCDtect is a command line driven tool. For those that prefer a GUI based tool you can use LAC (Lossless Audio Checker). This is a windows only tool but again it is a single static compiled exe so will also run on wine under Linux.

** Linux and Windows Downloads Attached **


auCDtect Checker for Linux


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