DASK - Insecta [Extended] - (Dark Ambient Berlin School)

After the release of Electron Utopia at Syngate Records I was working on experimental tracks that did not fit into the theme of that album. Most of the tracks started life as progressive ambient with one darker drone based structure which again was an experiment using old recordings slowed down. Later two longer Berlin School inspired tracks took form which are very different from the traditional long drawn out typical 'space music' style of Berlin School. They sit in the theme of the album title 'Inseca' in terms of feel, structure and pace with hits and transitions used on the Berlin School tracks hence trying to take a different approach. This became a whole to create an album/EP at 50 minutes long which I did a pre-release. Later in the year I decided to add new tracks and polish the existing ones to extend it to the 70 minute mark to make a complete longer album for possible future release.

01. Arthropod
02. Colony
03. Insecta
04. Biomass
05. Overwinter
06. Prevernal
07. Growth
08. Emergence


What is the Ideal Album Length ?

What is the ideal length of an album ? Is 50 minutes too short ? Having done some research on this on various music based forums, the answer by many seems to be 45 minutes for pop and rock albums. Michael Jackson's Thriller was 42 minutes long and many albums still considered the best today originally needed to fit on a LP which only holds 45 minutes of audio. When CD came on the market and with it being initially much more expensive than Vinyl many artists were forced to use more of the space to justify the high cost and the filler tracks appeared. With digital downloads and streaming the trend now is more inclined towards hit singles and play-lists for most mainstream music. However many albums are meant to be a journey which the artist intended to be played in order so about 45 minutes still seems ok and with Vinyl being ever more trendy at the time of writing then artists are once again constrained by this medium which is no great loss. My personal view is between 45-60 minutes for a regular album and 70 minutes for an extended version with bonus tracks or ambient style electronica.

DASK - Inseca (Progressive Ambient Berlin School Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze)