DASK - Electron Utopia [Syngate Records]

This album is an exclusive release on Syngate records in Mechernich Germany. The bonus track was added just before release which is also available separately on other sites. It is Berlin school electronica with a morphing atmospheric or cinematic ambient structure. The bonus track is a little more trance like. The theme of the album is the electron and if you have an electronics background the theme and titles should make sense.

01. Electron Utopia
02. Lorentz Force
03. Desert Synchrotron
04. Electron Transfer
05. Electron Transfer - Station Remix


Mastering and Glue

It was mastered by myself since like most who experiment with synths in a home studio we cannot afford a real mastering studio with engineers time. Also it would be a little pointless unless you are a very well known name since you never recoup the costs of making an album. So a simple but key unit I found very useful on the master bus in the DAW was Tone Boosters ReelBus.

This device acts exactly like a stereo reel to reel tape recorder binding or glueing all the separate tracks and instruments together. It has 2 glue tape options which do exactly as the name suggests. Much more convenient than a physical reel to reel tape recorder which not only require a D-A from the DAW to tape but then the A-D to record it back for digital distribution and all the problems that can create. This device gives the mixed sound a final professional tape like feel with ease of use. Maybe not as pretty and tactile as the genuine thing.



Compression is sometimes a requirement and a lot of music is too heavily compressed even the more esoteric forms like Berlin School. This gives a wow factor when you stream it on bandcamp or apple music for example. Louder always sounds better when sampling music over streams so you can be more drawn to the higher compressed sound compared to one with no compression which can initially sound flat. The problem comes if you actually buy the album as a download in a high quality format (lossless) and play it on a decent Hi-Fi or good headphones. Now it becomes fatiguing over longer periods and all the dynamics have been squashed too much so it has less space to breathe. It is a fine line to get a track sounding good on a Hi-Fi but still sounding fine on a poor quality128Kbps MP3 stream. I prefer to use a lower compression amount in most cases and if it is too quiet on a stream then the simple fix is turn the volume up on your amplifier.


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DASK - Electron Utopia (Berlin School Tangerine Dream Cinematic Atmospheric Ambient)
DASK - Electron Utopia (Berlin School Tangerine Dream Cinematic Atmospheric Ambient)