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Singles Vs Albums

The album is not quite dead but with streaming being very popular it seems the playlist is becoming king. Sadly this means any artist that makes an album as a journey might not get to see it played that way as key tracks are pulled and combined into spotify playlists. In fact how many mainstream albums are a collective journey and not just a bunch of songs some of which are hit singles.


DASK - Electron Transfer (Station Remix) (2017)

This is a remix bonus track from the Syngate records release 'Electron Utopia'. It is more up-tempo and a little more trance orientated but still has strong berlin school electronica roots. It was mostly mastered on HD800 headphones and tested on other sources by myself and Kilian (CabGuy) over at Syngate Records.

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DASK - The Other Side (2017)

This is an attempt at a mix of berlin school and a more pop orientated electronica style sound. All are free to listen on Spotify.

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DASk - The Other Side (Berlin School Electronica Pop)
DASK - Electron Transfer (Berlin School Tangerine Dream Edgar Froese)