Sonicsmiths The Foundry Instrument (Kontakt)

For anyone interested in sound design and creation not much can better using a fully configurable synthesizer be it either hardware or software based. Software synths such as Serum, Diva and even overlooked synths like Audjoo Helix have almost infinite sound sculpting possibilities. However such tools can be difficult to learn and use for someone new to synthesis and if you want to get fast results many then turn to preset romplers like Refx Nexus or sample libraries in Kontakt which have useful patches that sound good. However you then run the risk of everyone else using the same tired old patches without any modifications. If time permitting I would recommend taking any existing library sounds and tweak them to sound different or capture export them as WAV and run them through a wavetable synth to alter and create something new and unique based on the original patch.

However Kontakt has a number of very interesting instrument based libraries appearing and The Foundry by Sonicsmiths is one of them for those looking at sound design with ease and usable results. The Foundry is a sound design tool drawing from 18,000 samples used in combinations to create the patch. The number of ways these samples can be combined is vast so you are not likely to create the same sounding patch twice. It does not come with a list of presets or patches to load like a regular synth or Kontakt library but uses a random feature called Adjective Assignable Randomizing Engine or  A.A.R.E for short.

By using the grid of buttons to select what kind of sound you want and the template drop down menu, you hit the randomize button and a new patch is created from mixing 4 cores from the 18,000 samples. This random feature also sets the effects and processing for those chosen samples so based on the final selected samples there is still a wide range of variations possible if you want to randomize the effects further or manually tweak them. It even has a 16–step sequencer if you want to create rhythmic and pulsing type effects making more variations possible. From the 4 cores choosen you can switch any off you feel not suited to thin the patch and get to 1 or 2 core sounds or just move the X-Y pad to a point that mixes the cores to your choice.

This instrument is a sound designers dream and brings up some interesting results with very usable sounds. It seems to have a large palette and is the perfect tool for film and ambient composers. If you are still worried about using the same sounds as everyone else you can still capture the result and feed it through another synth or pass the audio through a special effects engine but there really is no need unless you are one of those that likes to experiment with sound like myself. This is a inspiring instrument thanks to the AARE engine and you never need to settle for Kontakt presets again. You could probably ditch a number of Kontakt sample libraries to free space and use The Foundry instead, it is that good.



Sonicsmiths The Foundry Synth (Kontakt)