DASK - Sol (Syngate Records)

Coming from an audio background and having had a very keen interest in Hi-Fi then moving into composing my own music has given me a different perspective on the 24 bit vs 16 bit debate. It is possible to export a track from any DAW into both 16 bit and 24 bit formats with dither but without any extra tweaks to the mastering stage for the 24 bit version. I think many commercial 24 bit recordings are just re-mastered with less compression and more care so this makes the 24 bit version sound better which confuses the debate.

I have done tests on tracks that have been exported as 16 bit/44.1, 24 bit/44.1, 24 bit/48, 24 bit/88.2 and 24 bit/96. A well mastered 16 bit CD ready recording can sound very good indeed. However with trained ears and high end headphones the jump to 24 bit is noticeable but very subtle. The sound seems to lose the brighter 'digital edginess'. I would take the 24 bit over 16 bit audio if the price difference is small. However the jump in sample rates from 44.1 to 48/88/96 has much less impact than the jump to 24 bit from 16 bit. This I think is were I would draw the line and sales of recordings of 24 bit 192khz do seem rather pointless. For now I will stick with supplying releases in both 16 bit and occasionally 24 bit formats but both at 44.1Khz.

Whether or not you are a fan of HD or 24 bit audio I think this very much depends on how you listen to music. If you are a casual listener on a budget home audio setup or modest headphones I doubt 24 bit format is worth it. However if you are a very serious listener that likes to hear nuances and micro-details on a high end Hi-Fi setup then 24 bit can become more attractive. In the end though mastering plays a much bigger part on the final audio quality over the format supplied.

This album is released on Syngate records in Korbach Germany. Inspiration came from watching the documentary swallowed by the Sun by National Geographic. It is Berlin School but I have attempted to move away from the typical style and introduce some cinematic elements and other ideas particularly as the album progresses. It is released in 24 bit format 44.1Khz. Beyond the 24 bit vs 16 bit debate; sharp ears may notice a slight difference in one of the tracks between the CD 16 bit and 24 bit version. The first minute of this track was made using a generative technique as part of some experimentation.

01. Daybreak
02. Shards of Light
03. State of Stability
04. State of Flux
05. Stray Photons
06. Hydrogen Exhaustion
07. Sol (Main Sequence Exit)
08. Ascending the Giant Phase
09. Scorched Earth
10. Not the End

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DASK - Sol (Cinematic Berlin Style Berlin School Electronic Music)