DASK - Messages (Syngate Records)

A second release on Syngate Records in Korbach Germany. Inspiration for this album came from watching various documentaries about the WOW signal, Frank Drake, the Drake equation, Tabby's Star and the Arecibo Message. It is very heavily sequenced Berlin School inspired by groups such as Cosmic Ground that tend to the dark and heavy long running sequences. It has a few ambient sections as break pieces. Tracks can be previewed on the Bandcamp release. This album for me was also an exercise in multiple sequencing and composing tracks with layers of 3 or more sequences with effects. It is mostly a sequencer driven album and a little wild in places.

01. A Message
02. M13 Cluster
03. Gliese 581
04. Fermi Paradox
05. Cosmic Call One
06. Cosmic Call Two
07. Contact Made

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Liner Notes

In 1974 an interstellar message carrying information about humanity and Earth was sent from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to the star cluster M13, 25,000 light years away. Frank Drake with the help of Carl Sagan devised the format of the message. Track 1 starts with the tones of the message which was sent.

In October 2008 a high powered digital signal was sent from the RT-70 telescope towards Gliese 581 and it will reach the planet Gliese 581c in 2029. Cosmic Call is the name of two radio messages also sent from RT-70 in 1999 (Cosmic Call 1) and 2003 (Cosmic Call 2) to various nearby stars. Cosmic Call 2 will reach Cassiopeia in 2036 which is the earliest of both calls.

Other transmissions have been sent in our quest to reach out beyond our home but it has been suggested that we must advance into a type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale for reliable contact with other civilizations. A type 1 civilization can use the energy reaching its planet from the parent star. We are currently a type 0 civilization using the planets natural resources to expand releasing carbon.

It has also been suggested that a 'Great Filter' occurs at some stage of a civilizations progress that wipes out all life at type 0 such as a species 'burning itself out' by damaging its home planet ecosystem for example. This connects to the idea of the Fermi Paradox (where is everyone?).

Credits : 3D Artwork (Arecibo Message) by Mike Berry


DASK - Messages (Berlin School, Cosmic Ground, Redshift)
DASK - Messages (Berlin School, Cosmic Ground, Redshift)