Air Music Tech Loom Synthesizer Free Patches

Loom is an additive synthesizer from Air Music Tech that takes a module style approach to synthesis. The various modules can be combined in any order to generate and manipulate sound. It is a different style to most other synths that take a traditional approach and layout so this can take a little time to get used to the way sound creation and manipulation works. Once you master this it has some interesting possibilities and can make really unique sounds. I like working in this synth since this extra dimension of work flow and creation becomes easy once you learn the basics.

The style of sounds it makes are very individual compared to other synths so do not expect it to make traditional textured and layered pads or patches like a classic synth such as the Oberheim, Moog or Jupiter from Arturia for example. However mix the sounds it creates with those from more traditional synth engines and it can add a unique extra layer making a plain preset more interesting. It excels at making weirdness and sound effects ideal for game creation for example. It does take more effort to get the most use-able sounding patches and other synths do this much better but Loom is fun to use and play with. Loom is a master at the weird and wonderful and a specialist at sound effects.

Here are some new patches which are mostly other worldly pads and a few leads ideal for experimental electronic music.



** Patches in zip file download - 69 Patches - November 2016 **

Loom Synth Engine