DASK - Liquid Decimation

Most of these tracks were made shortly after releasing 'Messages' on Syngate Records. Sometimes tracks just happen and flow even though I am just experimenting with new sounds and synth patches without any intention of making a complete track or any music, usually due to lack of anything else better to do. I have now learned to just run with it when this happens and a track can emerge out of the experimentation.

In the past I would discard most part finished material, some pros may think for the better, however a theme can quickly develop based on an idea or life experience. This is kind of what happened with this album. Other times tracks can be very hard work and nothing seems to feel right. I make sounds I like to listen to and experiment so the urge to delete material when things are not flowing or most likely when I get bored is hard to resist.

This is what I always used to do. I sometimes made a nice Berlin school style track but worked on it that much in the end I deleted it and starting something new. I would not be surprised if many who 'play' with synths and who are not professional musicians like myself face this same problem. Now I just leave most material and return another day and keep pushing through any barriers until something is finished. It is the only way to keep learning I guess and not just give up. In the end these new tracks and a few others I already had composed fitted together in this theme. It is available in 24 bit and 16 bit editions.


Concept of Addiction

This album was inspired by a quote by Buddhist Pema Chodron who says we all are addicted to something and it is part of our human nature in that we all can be restless or discontent and many find it impossible to just sit and be calm. In the book, When Society Becomes an Addict, Anne Wilson Schaef says that life in the U.S. is so stressful that it is impossible not to become addicted to something and we live in a society that not only encourages addiction, but almost demands it. Some addictions, such as workaholism, are encouraged and applauded while others are tolerated.

Whether you are addicted to collecting music, movies, synths, guitars, beer mats, facebook, computer games, your mobile phone or to something more illicit; it is still an addiction and just maybe it is part of our human nature.

01. Morphine
02. Liquid Decimation
03. Toxification
04. Cleanse
05. The Quiet
06. Transformation
07. Pure
08. Liquid Decimation (Radio Edit)

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"What we have here the best title of DASK. And there was some very good before this. Or still the first albums of DASK who solidifies more and more his position in the vast chessboard of EM of the Berlin School style. Another strong opus to put between our ears, you my friends who just love a Berlin School lively and invigorated by another artist who manages to make his place with a bit of freshness in this universe where even the plagiarism is attractive to the ears of aficionados. Except that with DASK we speak about originality. And "Transformation" is a monster! Sylvain Lupari (November 13th, 2017)"


DASK - Liquid Decimation (Berlin School, Ambient, Downtempo, Cinematic)