Thaneco & DASK - Elemental (Syngate Records)

It is only thanks to the internet and the current ways of making music using software such as a DAW can some collaborations between artists happen without great difficulty. That is how this album came about since myself and Thaneco are not in the same country. It was possible for either of us to start a track or idea and send the part finished work using a transfer service such as wetransfer. A track can be bounced back and forward between artists as long as you use the same DAW or they are compatible in some way. This allows it to be 'composed' and built up over time between artists.

There are many musicians that still refuse to use software of any kind and have a mentality that all music be done in hardware only, real-time, DAW-less and even worse, analogue only. So if you want to collaborate you either need to dismantle your studio and take all your equipment to a mutual location to record or send master tapes. If you still refuse to use a DAW, hope you make no big mistakes when recording to tape. If you use digital equipment such as digital synths, digital recorders or DSP equipped mixers you are already using software embedded in the equipment so that is not exactly purist. I honestly do admire those that can play and record a complex track live without any aids. I cannot, I am an engineer before musician, so I need the DAW arrangement view to compose and build up structures. Major recording studios all use a DAW of some sort along with various other bits of software so it makes sense to use all of the tools available both hardware and software.

As a step away from recording direct to DAW in order to break free from being tied to a computer it is possible to record on a studio recorder such as a Tascam / Zoom device then transfer the recordings to a computer later for edit, mixing and mastering. I prefer to use all the tools both hardware and software available to make my life easier and this album was born that way. It is in the style of Tangerine Dream (Virgin Years) but with modern elements such as orchestral, cinematic and percussive structures. The first track 'Earth' was composed by myself and 'Fire' composed by Thaneco. The other tracks were joint compositions.

01. Earth
02. Water
03. Metal
04. Wood
05. Fire
06. Air
07. Void

*** Syngate ***


Liner Notes

Ancient philosophy suggested sets of classical elements to explain observations in nature. This concept of elements as a substance has developed through three major phases, classical elements, chemical definitions and finally modern atomic definitions.

DASK Thaneco Elemental (Tangerine Dream Virgin Years)