DASK - Abiogenesis (Atmospheric Berlin School)

I never considered myself a musician since my background is electronic engineering with a specialisation in sound and audio but having experimented with Hi-Fi, synths, audio recording, sound creation and manipulation for several years I decided to stop throwing audio material away and complete an album. It was recorded over 6 months and mastered with minimal compression for high quality Hi-Fi or headphones in mind. A number of headphones were used in the mastering process including the original HD800 which are ultra transparent and cheap ear buds to check worst case listening via streaming.

The album is electronic instrumental, cinematic or atmospheric Berlin school. Flac is highly recommended. My second album is a Syngate records release only who specialise in Berlin School style of electronic music. The recent Netflix TV series Stranger Things has kind of put Berlin School music a little more in the spotlight as of writing this since the sound track is 80's style Berlin school made with vintage synths. This album is a more modern style as are many of the releases on Syngate Records were artists have took the concept and moved it forward.

As for the name DASK, this was the first computer in Denmark. It is an acronym for Danish Arithmetic Sequence Calculator. The Berlin School style of music is based on progressive sequencing and morphing ambience. It is also the first letter of the web name and site slogan (D)ms (A)udio (S)ound (K)ontrol.


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