Basie SRPP And Basie Mk2 Tube Pre-Amplifier DIY

The Consonance Basie Pre-amplifier kits were originally available from Diy HiFi Supply. The Mk1 was a SRPP based unit with a cathode follower output stage that could be modified to use other tubes. In my original build I eventually by-passed the cathode follower and used 2 x Mullard E80CC driver tubes making it an Anode follower.

This was Brian's first pre-amp kit for sale and based on commercial Consonance products at that time. The Mk2 was a much better circuit design with an optional MM stage but in the same chassis and power supply section.  The Mk2 used 3 x Ecc81 and 1 x Ecc83 with 2 tubes used for the phono stage. This was a highly musical pre-amp and much better sounding than the early Mk1 SRPP design which tended to sound a little clinical. Below are the original build reviews of these kits in PDF format.

** I have included the circuits which would allow you to build these preamps from scratch build as the kit is no longer available **


Basie SRPP And Basie Mk2 Preamp