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Insecta - Where Have all the Insects Gone ?

DASK Insecta

For electronica based music many albums have a theme or concept running through them. I find it hard to compose without a solid concept or idea that fits and pulls all the tracks in an album together into a complete story. This is quite different from most mainstream music for example where it is more times than not a bunch of unrelated tracks with a hit single among them. I prefer an album to convey a larger purpose or message and this was the idea of Insecta. I have been reading articles for a few years now about the sharp decline of insect populations around the world and the effects this is having on the food chain for other animals. From a Guardian article : Scientist Brad Lister returned to Puerto Rican rainforest after 35 years to find 98% of ground insects had vanished.

Thaneco & DASK - Elemental (Syngate Records)

DASK Thaneco Elemental (Tangerine Dream Virgin Years)

It is only thanks to the internet and the current ways of making music using software such as a DAW can some collaborations between artists happen without great difficulty. That is how this album came about since myself and Thaneco are not in the same country. It was possible for either of us to start a track or idea and send the part finished work using a transfer service such as wetransfer. A track can be bounced back and forward between artists as long as you use the same DAW or they are compatible in some way. This allows it to be 'composed' and built up over time between artists.

DASK - Sol (Syngate Records)

DASK - Sol (Cinematic Berlin Style Berlin School Electronic Music)

Coming from an audio background and having had a very keen interest in Hi-Fi then moving into composing my own music has given me a different perspective on the 24 bit vs 16 bit debate. It is possible to export a track from any DAW into both 16 bit and 24 bit formats with dither but without any extra tweaks to the mastering stage for the 24 bit version. I think many commercial 24 bit recordings are just re-mastered with less compression and more care so this makes the 24 bit version sound better which confuses the debate.

Syngate Records on Spotify

Syngate Records on Spotify

Here is a spotify playlist link of all the artists currently released on Syngate Records in Germany. Styles range from electronica, ambient, Berlin school, cinematic, synthwave and sometimes newage but most have roots in the Berlin school style both classic and modern. I will add new releases to the list as they appear.

Syngate Records (Spotify)

DASK - Liquid Decimation

DASK - Liquid Decimation (Berlin School, Ambient, Downtempo, Cinematic)

Most of these tracks were made shortly after releasing 'Messages' on Syngate Records. Sometimes tracks just happen and flow even though I am just experimenting with new sounds and synth patches without any intention of making a complete track or any music, usually due to lack of anything else better to do. I have now learned to just run with it when this happens and a track can emerge out of the experimentation.

DASK - Messages (Syngate Records)

DASK - Messages (Berlin School, Cosmic Ground, Redshift)

A second release on Syngate Records in Korbach Germany. Inspiration for this album came from watching various documentaries about the WOW signal, Frank Drake, the Drake equation, Tabby's Star and the Arecibo Message. It is very heavily sequenced Berlin School inspired by groups such as Cosmic Ground that tend to the dark and heavy long running sequences. It has a few ambient sections as break pieces. Tracks can be previewed on the Bandcamp release. This album for me was also an exercise in multiple sequencing and composing tracks with layers of 3 or more sequences with effects. It is mostly a sequencer driven album and a little wild in places.

DASK - Insecta Extended

DASK - Inseca (Progressive Ambient Berlin School Tangerine Dream)

What is the ideal length of an album ? Is 50 minutes too short ? Having done some research on various music based forums, the answer by many seems to be 45 minutes for pop and rock albums. Michael Jackson's Thriller was 42 minutes long and many albums still considered the best today originally needed to fit on a LP which only holds 45 minutes of audio.

DASK - Electron Utopia (Syngate Records)

DASK - Electron Utopia (Berlin School Tangerine Dream Cinematic Atmospheric Ambient)

This my first syngate album was mastered by myself, since like most indie artists who are not marketed by a big label, cannot afford a mastering studio with 'real' engineers time. Also it would be a little pointless unless you are a very well known big name since you never recoup the costs of making an album. Therefore a key unit I found very useful on the master bus in the DAW was Tone Boosters ReelBus.

DASK - Abiogenesis

DASK - Abiogenesis (Ambient Atmospheric Berlin School Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze Space Music)

My background is electronic engineering with a specialisation in audio but having experimented with various audio systems, synths, recording, sound creation and manipulation for several years I decided to stop throwing audio material away and complete an album. It was recorded over 6 months and mastered with minimal compression for high quality Hi-Fi or headphones in mind. A number of headphones were used in the mastering process including the original HD800 which are ultra transparent and cheap ear buds to check worst case listening via streaming.

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