Serum Wavetable Synthesizer Patches

Serum is a wavetable based synth by Xfer Records that is right at the very top in terms of depth of sound and control along with ease of use. It is one of the most logical and well thought out user friendly interfaces for a VSTi. Many soft synths in the past have gone for style over functionality. Similarly if they are a clone of a vintage hardware synth they make an exact GUI copy of the physical layout which looks cool and familiar to an owner of the real thing, but this does not typically lend itself to being easy to use on a computer screen esp if it is crammed with controls which then open in a small window.

Serum VSTi Wavetable Synth

Loom Synthesizer Patches

Loom is an additive synthesizer from Air Music Tech that takes a modular approach to synthesis. The various modules can be combined in any order to generate and manipulate sound. It is a different style to most other synths that take a traditional approach and layout so this can take a little time to get used to the way sound creation and manipulation works. Once you master this it has some very interesting possibilities and can make unique complex sounds. I like working in this synth since this extra dimension of work flow and creation becomes easy once you learn the basics.

Loom Synth Engine

LM3886 Gain Clone Amplifier DIY

In 1999 a manufacturer called 47 labs released a 3000 USD amplifier called a gaincard. Although it got good reviews it caused a great deal of controversy because it was based around a pair of 5 USD LM series power amplifier IC's with a basic power supply. So a 3000 USD product had about 100 USD of parts inside. It is not unusual to find any audio equipment selling for at least 10x the parts cost today. Coming from an electronics background I regularly see equipment I would not pay the retail price for based on the grounds the build cost being so low in comparison. In that instance it it best to go the 2nd hand eBay route or build something similar.

Gainclone DIY

Musical Fidelity M1 HPA Headphone Amplifier Review

I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with musical fidelity products in the past. They always seem to get good reviews in the Hi-Fi press but a few times after prolonged use I find that the immediate wow factor is eventually replaced with a feeling that the initial gloss is hiding a few problems. I found this particularly true with an A308 CD player I used for a while. This was advertised as being 95% equivalent to the Nuvista 3D CD Player at half the cost. When one came available second hand for a good price I took a chance. Again at first it had this immediate appeal with detail and extended bandwidth but after months of use I felt that it was shiny glossy Hi-Fi for the sake of it like many audio products. It lacked soul, timing and musicality when compared to other players.

Musical Fidelity M1HPA Headphone Amplifier

Audjoo Helix Synthesizer Patches

Audjoo Helix is a wave-table shaping, virtual analogue, hybrid soft synthesizer with a deep rich high sound quality that makes it well suited to pads and textures with depth, although it is quite capable of bass and leads etc. I have made these patches which are mostly pads suitable for film, electronica, ambient and Berlin school etc.

Audjoo Helix VSTi Synth


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