Class A Power Amplifier to Headphones

Power Amplifier to Headphones

I no longer use Hi-Fi speakers on my main system and have not done for sometime, switching to headphone use from the CDP. I use budget stand mounts for movies on the TV and a 2-way on my DAW but the Nelson Pass Labs Class A pre-amplifier and a Nelson Pass Class A Power Amplifier I put together in a past life had not seen use for some years. Before I switched to headphones I had built a simple power amplifier to headphone adaptor but never got to test or use it since I ended up with a good deal on the Yulong A100 Headphone amplifier at the time.


Audjoo Helix Synthesizer Free Patches

Audjoo Helix VSTi Synth

Audjoo Helix is a wave-table shaping, virtual analogue, hybrid soft synthesizer with a deep rich high sound quality that makes it suited to pads and textures with motion and depth, although it is quite capable of bass and leads etc. Some of the pads and textures possible in this synth remind me a little of other older synth engines such as Native Instruments Absynth for example but this is not a typical thin sounding old school VSTi.


DASK - Sol (Syngate Records)

DASK - Sol (Cinematic Berlin Style Berlin School Electronic Music)

This album is released on Syngate records in Korbach Germany. Inspiration came from watching the documentary swallowed by the Sun by National Geographic. It is Berlin School but I have attempted to move away from the typical style and introduce some cinematic elements and other ideas particularly as the album progresses. It is released in 24 bit format 44.1Khz. Beyond the 24 bit vs 16 bit debate; sharp ears may notice a slight difference in one of the tracks between the CD 16 bit and 24 bit version.

Syngate Records on Spotify

Syngate Records on Spotify

Here is a spotify playlist link of all the artists currently released on Syngate Records in Germany. Styles range from electronica, ambient, Berlin school, cinematic, synthwave and sometimes newage but most have roots in the Berlin school style both classic and modern. I will add new releases to the list as they appear.

Syngate Records (Spotify)

DASK - Liquid Decimation

DASK - Liquid Decimation (Berlin School, Ambient, Downtempo, Cinematic)

Most of these tracks were made shortly after releasing 'Messages' on Syngate Records. Sometimes tracks just happen and flow even though I am just experimenting with new sounds and synth patches without any intention of making a complete track or any music, usually due to lack of anything else better to do. I have now learned to just run with it when this happens and a track can emerge out of the experimentation. In the past I would discard most part finished material, some pros may think for the better, however a theme can quickly develop based on an idea or life experience.

DASK - Messages (Syngate Records)

DASK - Messages (Berlin School, Cosmic Ground, Redshift)

A second release on Syngate Records in Korbach Germany. Inspiration for this album came from watching various documentaries about the WOW signal, Frank Drake, the Drake equation and Tabby's Star. It is very heavily sequenced Berlin School inspired by groups such as Cosmic Ground that tend to the dark and heavy long running sequences. It has a few ambient sections as break pieces. Tracks can be previewed on the Bandcamp release. This album for me was also an exercise in multiple sequencing and composing tracks with layers of 3 or more sequences with effects.

Very Easy DIY Audio Mains Filter

Easy DIY Audio Mains Filter Parts

This is no doubt the easiest method of making a good quality mains filter suitable for any audio visual use be it a HiFi, home studio or TV system. These also make great mains filters for computer based systems. I make and use these on all my computer and audio based systems since they are better than the basic ones you buy for a computer and compare to many dedicated HiFi ones for a fraction of the price. When you price up something like the Megaclamp from Russ Andrews at £180 going the DIY route starts to look very appealing.


DASK - Insecta Extended

DASK - Inseca (Progressive Ambient Berlin School Tangerine Dream)

After the release of Electron Utopia at Syngate Records I was working on experimental tracks that did not fit into the theme of that album. Most of the tracks started life as progressive ambient with one darker drone based structure which again was an experiment using old recordings slowed down.

Sonicsmiths The Foundry Instrument (Kontakt)

Sonicsmiths The Foundry Synth (Kontakt)

For anyone interested in sound design and creation not much can better using a fully configurable synthesizer be it either hardware or software based. Software synths such as Serum, Diva and even overlooked synths like Audjoo Helix have almost infinite sound sculpting possibilities. However such tools can be difficult to learn and use for someone new to synthesis and if you want to get fast results many then turn to preset romplers like Refx Nexus or sample libraries in Kontakt which have useful patches that sound good.


DASK - Electron Utopia (Syngate Records)

DASK - Electron Utopia (Berlin School Tangerine Dream Cinematic Atmospheric Ambient)

This album was released on Syngate records in Korbach Germany. It is Berlin school electronica with a morphing atmospheric or cinematic ambient structure in the style of 70's and 80's Tangerine Dream were morphing intro's give way to sequencer driven patterns. The theme of the album is the electron and if you have an electronics background the track titles should make sense. Tracks can be previewed on the Bandcamp release.

01. Electron Utopia
02. Lorentz Force
03. Desert Synchrotron
04. Electron Transfer
05. Electron Transfer - Station Remix


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